Feeling the Essence of Life – Full Moon in Taurus


Zhanna Kondratenko - Full Moon
Art: Zhanna Kondratenko




The Full Taurus is happening on the 24th of October 2018, at 1° Taurus 13at 6:46 PM CEST (+2:00) or 11:46 PM EST (-5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.


The Sun has just entered in the mysterious and magnetic waters of Scorpio, getting us ready for a deep month (in the good term), full of discovery, revelations and transformations. And it all begins with this Full Moon: an invitation to ground ourselves and stay strong, to appreciate the beauty and the magic of life which manifests in the simplest things and to value what we have an enjoy it. Putting it simple: to appreciate and enjoy our life as it is today with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Let us welcome the Full Moon:


How many times we say or do

Something that we thought was true

And then it made us sad;

A hurtful word, a shameful look

I’ve done enough to write a book –

I doubt that it would sell;

We stumble on in ignorance

Until in time we find by chance

The answers that we seek,

For there are lessons to be learned

All thoughtless deeds will be returned –

It’s one of nature’s laws;

That’s how we grow in mind and soul,

Each incarnation sets the goal

It’s the nature of things.

-Linda Ori


The Moon is conjoined Uranus in Taurus, while the Sun is conjoined with Venus retrograde in Scorpio. The Moon in Taurus is in a nice trine aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. As we might have observed, these are super active changing days. Full of news and options. Full of unexpected situations and charged experiences. Emotions of course, can be all over the place. The union between the Moon and Uranus might point to very sudden mood changes, alteration in our emotional state, days of happiness and minutes of sadness. And the opposition to Venus retrograde can amplify this sensation of “feeling” all upside down.

In Taurus, the Moon seeks emotional stability, a grounded position, peace and a consistent state of well-being. However, with Uranus there, this goal can get shaken.

But it is a good exercise for us to notice our own emotional changes, our mental fluctuations, our sensations, and to see the relationship between whatever activates them versus our reactions. In the end, we are actually gaining strength and becoming wiser with every day. We are learning a lot as human beings, and these fluctuations in our emotional and mental state can work as tools to let us discover the essence and wisdom of our life these days, and empower us to gain emotional independence and confidence.

With the Taurus Full Moon we also have the possibility to connect more with our bodies, both personally and in relationships. These are sensuous days, and you should not be surprised if you sexual appetite increases (although not necessarily in everyone). The main idea is the discovery of our sensuous bodies, full of sensations and reactions, and get in touch with our emotional and physical needs. The “sensuous” activation does not only manifest through sexual desire, but can also manifest in the joy of other pleasures from life, such as “me-time”, good food, good drinks, a nice holiday in nature, or enjoying the pleasure of solitude in bliss.

On the other hand, we have to mention that Mars in Aquarius is in a square to Mercury in Scorpio (and if we see this square as a sign-based square, Mars is actually in square to Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun!). So even though these days are to gain peace and connect with our emotions and our bodies through life experiences, Mars in square to Mercury in Scorpio can indicate difficulties in speech and in expressing what we truly want to say. In some cases, there can be problems from bad communication.  There can be difficulties in getting our voice heard, or problems with discovering the essence of our life these days, problems with understanding the main lesson behind the events that might be partaking now in our lives. It can also point to a lack of personal understanding.

With this on mind, we need to remember that the main idea behind this Full Moon is to be in peace with ourselves, to connect with our emotions, to connect with our bodies, to gain emotional confidence and independence and to become stronger and wiser, all through living and appreciating the simple things in life. Sometimes all we need to do is stop, close our eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the connection with the universal consciousness. Transforming the turmoil into gentle and sweet compassionate energy.

On the contrary to this, we also have a bombastic conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter soon, in the latest degrees of Scorpio, which can indicate days of high insight, clarity and deeper understanding of our own situation, but also of our relationship dynamics. The possibility is there. We might understand why many things that have happened in the last few days. We might think deeper and wiser, getting in touch with our soul’s current calling. Then the future becomes clearer for us. Thoughts can get quite philosophical or metaphysical.

Looking at the The Sabian Symbol for this lunation’s degree, °13 Taurus, it displays:


“A clear mountain stream”


To which Rudhyar adds: “The pure, uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature”, “Potential energy flowing towards its own destiny. It is simply its own nature”.

Finally, the North Node in Leo stands in the middle between the Moon and the Sun, indicating something that we have to learn or discover now, so that we can move forward. Remember that the 6th of November 2018, the nodal axis will shift towards Cancer-Capricorn. So things are being wrapped up during these days before this shift occurs, and we can expect really busy days with a lot of material to handle, process and digest.

Important changes can also take place (and by this I mean changes at work, changes within the family, changes in our social arena, and overall personal changes of life’s views, life’s priorities and our mode of operating).


Pay attention to your surroundings. The revelation from the Full Moon in Taurus is to take things easy, slow, with calmness and with a solid trust in life, in nature and in the Universe. Connect with your body, connect with your emotions and connect with your soul. Everything is linked together. Nothing is separate. Life gives us the possibility to savour it, enjoy it and learn from it. These are days for you to rediscover your essence and become one with all.




Art: Zhanna Kondratenko




Are you feeling this? Do you want to understand this more deeply in your life? Contact me for an astrology consultation.



Full Moon in Taurus 2018




*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.

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