A Time for Massive Inner Self Discovery– Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019

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A great transit about a great planet. After a deep year with Jupiter in Scorpio, full of lessons, some hardships, but also valuable experiences, now Jupiter is in his last days of Scorpio. Jupiter enters in Sagittarius on the 8th of November 2018, and he will travel the sign until the 2nd of December 2019. And this is a nice article, because Jupiter in Sagittarius is all about expansion, growth and optimism.


Another day, another morning
Another chance for a new beginning.
Feel the warmth of the sun;
the leaves refreshed by dewdrops. 

You too can be refreshed as dying leaves
You too can be reached by light of the new day
Love can renew our mind and heart
giving us the chance to live our life
as beginnings of great surprises and delights!

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen


A year ago, I wrote about the “Jupiter in Scorpio” year. As the year unfolded, we got immersed in life and its ways. Jupiter in Scorpio was not an easy or smooth year. It was a year of transformation, of lessons, and a year to penetrate in to our deepest core. A year to face directly our fears, our demons and to push ourselves down, deep and deeper into the profound layers of the mystery of the soul.

But we know that nothing is forever, and situations change, energies change. When we look for something better, something good, something positive, it is always a good idea to look at Jupiter, the planet of expansion, exploration, optimism and discovery. Sounds exciting. And in fact it is.



Jupiter is the largest planet of the whole bunch in our solar system. Therefore symbolically, it is associated with “doing great things”, “feeling larger than life”, expanding, discovering, self-discovering, exploring life, understanding life, feeling happy, trusting, intuiting, smiling, finding meaning in life, connecting with the sense that there is something more than this!

Jupiter is spectacular, grandiose, joyful, happy and optimistic. He changes what one thinks is sad or detrimental, into something cheerful and untroubled.

Jupiter takes around one year to transit a full sign, and now, he will enter into Sagittarius.

Now, it is important to clarify that in astrology, each planet rules a sign or two signs. It is as if those signs where their “special domain”, their house, their mansion and where they feel in the optimal conditions to do their actions the best. For example, Mars rules over Aries, the Moon rules over Cancer, Saturn rules over Capricorn, Venus rules over Taurus and Libra. But what is interesting for us now, is that the domicile sign of Jupiter, is Sagittarius. So Jupiter will be transiting through his own domain. No other better scenario than this for Jupiter’s journey through the zodiac!



The symbolism for the qualities associated with Sagittarius are of course, very related to Jupiter himself, since Sag is Jupiter’s domain. It is like thinking about a person’s house. A person’s house will always reflect the personality of this person. The same happens with astrology signs: each sign is directly reflecting the personality of its ruling planet.

Sagittarius is associated with growth, life purpose, metaphysics, spiritual practices, philosophies, travels, explorations, higher studies, special sense of one’s destiny, the magical fiery feeling of being alive, the sparkle of life, intuition, trust and the overall sensation of feeling good with oneself and with one’s relation to the Universe.

In our more mundane life, we can see the good Sagittarius when we are happy, content, joyful, playful and with a vibrant positive energy. Also when we help another person to get out of a dark cloud, when we try to see the bigger picture of something that doesn’t make too much sense now, when we truly appreciate critical feedback from others as an opportunity to work on ourselves (and this is a good one!), when we say yes to life and dare to do something unusual that we feel drawn to, when we decide to travel because life is calling us to get closer to her, or when we meditate, reflect, decide to change, and when we feel inspired and want to inspire others too.

But the most Sagittarian scenario is that when we look at a situation which seems pretty bad, and then we change the way we look at it so that it becomes positive, constructive and helpful. It is when we turn a defeat into an opportunity. And a great one!

So imagine how it is when Jupiter is on his sign! Good things are coming, and we got to trust.


Jupiter in Scorpio

Let us go a little bit back on time. While Jupiter was in Scorpio, the year was a heavy time for transformation. It included periods of crises, times of endless confusion, feeling immersed in a deep dark hole under the ground and not being able to see the light, thinking “when is this going to end?”, being forced to “let go from things, emotions and people”, letting go from expectations, releasing our emotions, facing our fears directly, recognising these fears, and discovering the source of whatever we experienced so that a real positive and dense transformation could occur.

Of course, it was not all difficult or heavy. But transformation was the core symbol of this period, and usually transformation involves the death of something, so that new life can begin.

Hopefully we did learn whatever we had to learn, and discovered whatever part of us needed to be illuminated and transformed. Hopefully we faced those fears and transformed them into constructive energy ready to be used. Sometimes it just as little as opting for an optimistic attitude. But sometimes that small change comes from a deeper period of crisis and difficulty. It is what happens when we resist to the evolutionary change.

In any case, this period is over, and Jupiter won’t be in Scorpio for another twelve years. Now we are in a different scenario. Let us look the symbolism for the next Jupiter in Sagittarius year.



Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter begins his journey into Sagittarius 8th of November 2018, and he comes barring away the leftovers from the time he was in Scorpio. Jupiter comes fresh, renewed, full of a new raw energy ready to be used constructively and with the intention to grow, master oneself, and discover the true essence of life, the true essence of one’s own purpose and destiny as an incarnated human being.

A shift in our mind-emotions happens. It all becomes golden, and we sense this positive shift. As human beings, we start focusing more on the bright side of things and events.

An enormous desire to feel this joyful beat is constantly making us aware of keeping a positive attitude in front of difficulties that might arise. It is as if we feel that there is no good or bad, just life as it is, and it is magical and fun!

Another thing is that more people are likely to develop a passion for improving oneself, for understanding life, and for finding meaning, or their true purpose. More people will become interested in developing their spiritual life, learning new practices and disciplines and adopting a lifestyle which focuses on one’s overall well-being.

And as more people become interested in this, there will inevitably be an exchange of what is important or meaningful or true for each one. People will want to share their own experience with others and educate. And as people tend to get together, so do new groups form.

It can also be a year of study, in which one desires to learn about a new spiritual discipline, or a new culture, or a new practice, or go to university again and get a degree on something they always felt drawn to but never did. Interest can quickly be awakened, and the courage to make the initial step is there.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can also be a great year for travelling and world explorations. As our passion for life grows stronger, we really want to savour it. Some people will go a travel to new exciting destinations, others will prefer to stay locally and do small trips. The sole activity of travelling boosts up our energy, our blood and the Sagittarian passion (that we all have somewhere!).

Depending on where Sagittarius falls in one’s birth chart, some people will make big changes in their lives, such as moving, changing jobs, entering in a new life stage, changing completely one’s view about life, reality or spirituality, or giving up a career for the calling that aligns with one’s own true.

Sagittarius is mutable fire. Imagine an active fire whirl. That is the energy of Sagittarius. Mutable signs are changing signs, flexible, adaptive. Fire signs are passionate. And such, during this year we can expect a lot of changes. But changes for good! Changes that go aligned with our own true vision of life. Changes reflecting who we truly are and how we truly envision our connection with life in a higher sense.

Expect fun experiences, friendliness and openness. But also expect confrontations when differing views come into place. As we become more aligned with what we consider “true” or with our values and beliefs, we can for sure expect clashing with others who do not share the same view as us! And, depending on your personality, it can be an open subject for discussion, in which one tries to change another person’s point of view.

Remember that we cannot change what another considers true to him or herself. This is and has always been a major topic for arguments and fights between human beings. We just never want to accept other people’s behaviour when that behaviour contradicts our own sets of values and beliefs. And this happens fast and unconsciously! In the second we are already arguing, fighting, or we feel offended.

We always must remember that we all give a different meaning to life, we all have different beliefs and set of values. Even though we all are more or less aligned in the concept of what is good or bad, there are always some differences! And during this year, our beliefs and values will be heightened and more stimulated. Our opinions will become stronger and our views of life will get more solid. And as each of us goes through the same process of aligning with our own views of reality, we can of course expect meeting another person with a totally different view! And this person can be your partner! Your mother, the work colleague sitting next to you, or your best friend!

The point is to remember that we are all part of the same essence, whether or not we share the same view. We must respect that each person has the right to do, think or feel however they want, because that is what they consider correct and true at any specific moment. And the best thing to do is try not to convert another person to our views! And this can be difficult because some people really feel attached to their beliefs, and they feel that they must “save” the other person. Whichever the case is, what we must remember is to have respect for everyone’s opinion. We can have open conversations and express what we think, but do not engage into conflict because of our differences.

Sometimes a close person might actually be in real danger. When that is the case, some of us might want to help this person see the light, save this person, or get this person out of danger. When this happens, we just got to do our best, with respect and compassion, to help this person.

On another side, Jupiter in Sagittarius can point to good luck, or good fortune. Chances are opportunities, but also opportunities are chances. Sometimes opportunities come, but sometimes we have to create them. And we can build our own fortune. Does that mean we have to work a little bit harder? Maybe. Why not? Saturn is in Capricorn! But do it with enjoyment and do it in what you believe.

Now that we saw the big picture of what this is all about, let us take a look at a few aspects involving Jupiter in Sagittarius.


The Square Aspect between Jupiter and Neptune: Dreaming Big

Jupiter in Sag will be in a sign-based square to Neptune in Pisces all the way long (but becomes more apparent from around the 27th of April 2019 until the 21st of October 2019). Even though a square involving Jupiter is not particularly hard, and taking into consideration that Neptune is also in his domicile sign Pisces, we still have to keep in mind what the dynamics might be, and that this long aspect can be the main subject of this Jupiter in Sag journey.

This aspect might point to big illusions, grandiose dreams, transcending reality, mysticism, spirituality, and simply dreaming and getting to believe that this dream must be real.

For some, it can simply point to the race towards making a dream real (with all the effort it might imply, Saturn is in Capricorn!).

For some others it might be a desire to escape reality, just to be crashed with it again, and it can be disappointing. For some others, it might just be a conflict between their materialistic approach and their thirst for spirituality. The fake spiritual, who focus on growing his/her ego by showing “how spiritual they are” in search for social approval, while forgetting about the main spiritual idea. It is a conflict.

Another scenario is that of the person who seeks to escape the boundaries of the real life in order to connect with the sense of a higher-self.

It can be more mundane by simply implying difficulties in dealing with our material life and our spiritual life, with our job/career and our spirituality, with our job/career/home/family demands and our desire to experiment life freedom. Or it can simply point to difficulties in developing a spiritual life.

This square aspect can also point to disillusionment from our bombastic dreams. But here we have to go back to the large picture:

Learning to joyfully flow with the magic of life as it unfolds, with a big smile and the desire to learn from our experiences, with an optimistic attitude, and a confident view, trusting on our ever-lasting connection with the universal essence.

It is nice to have dreams, but we got to develop a healthy balance between what we want and what we are being offered by the universe. Will and hard work can help, to some extent. But some things are meant to be while some others are not. And it is a matter of living in peace with that idea.


Jupiter’s Journey



Between 16th and 30th of November, Jupiter will be in a square (90°) aspect with Mars in Pisces. Although it is just for half a month, we got to keep in mind that this aspect might indicate slight difficulties in general, normally promoted by excessive behaviour. This is a time open for conflicts in dialogue. So let’s keep an eye on that!

Particularly, around the 25th of November, Jupiter will conjoin the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. A period loaded with passion, with an amplified sense of inner trust and trust in life. With confidence in communication, determination and courage. However of course, it can get excessive! Everything with Jupiter can reach the excessive point!



Around the 22nd of January, Jupiter will be marvellously conjoined Venus! These two are great together. It is a time of high sensitivity to our surroundings (but of the positive kind!), greater connection with other beings and the universe as a whole, and a great time to spend time with friends, to support each other, to teach each other and to explore. It is a time for sharing ideals, and sharing our feelings. Feelings can be a real thing during these days. It can also be a time for a good luck turn!

And particularly, around these days there will be a massive fire grand trine between Jupiter-Venus in Sag, Moon in Leo and Mars in Aries. So: take action with full trust in yourself and the universe!

Between the 24th of January and the 1st of February, Mars in Aries forms a trine aspect (120°) with Jupiter, and this aspect can point to a resolution in conflicts, to passionate but healthy dialogue, to expressing clearly what we want or need (in relationships for example), or to not having fear to say what we believe or think.



Between the 7th and the 16th of April 2019, Mercury in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. We can become sensitive by misunderstandings. By not connecting through empathy with another person and therefore, misunderstandings can arise.


Jupiter Retrograde Period

Jupiter turns retrograde by 15th April, and now everything is more directed inwards, situations get internalised, and we start to philosophise with ourselves in inner dialogue. This retrograde period can also point to a deeper spiritual inner life. Great time to engage with new spiritual practices too.

Around the 6th of May, Jupiter (then retrograde!) will be in an opposition with Mars, and this can indicate, again, conflicts in dialogue, which can end up bad. It can also be a cause of excesses, strong ideologies, strong ideas, which can of course, end up bad.

On the other hand, around this time, and particularly around the 9th of May, Venus in Aries is in trine with Jupiter, which points to an increase on the sexual desire!



By the 10th of June, Jupiter will form an opposition with the Sun in Gemini. This can be indeed a period when there is not a good balance between our here-and-now life and the “broader picture”. This can be a difficult time to connect with our long-term destiny or purpose. And this can be a reality crash (by the 15th of June the square between Jupiter and Neptune is exact). But don’t take it too seriously! Get up and move on in life!

But by the 11th of August things start to become very active, as Jupiter turns direct from his retrograde period, and trines Venus-Sun-Mars. This is a powerful time to take action, and create opportunities in our life (if these have not already shown!). This time of the year is constructive and we will become very excited to see things starting to move. Getting to see the positive results from our hard work and dedication. Beautiful! Take advantage.



Jupiter is in his final quart. He is his last Sag square with Mars-Mercury-Venus-Sun in Virgo. Once again, this is a time to pay attention to how fixed and rigid we are regarding to our own opinions and points of view. This aspect can indicate an excessive critical attitude (and also self-critical). Be gentle, be chilled, and have respect. If you opt for a harmonious attitude, things will be better!

After this, Jupiter will be calmed for a while.

By the 16th until the 26th of November, Mercury will join Jupiter in his latest degrees of Sag, and this will be a beautiful time for communication, healthy knowledge exchange, sharing one’s visions, teaching others, learning from others, getting the broad picture of life, becoming passionate about life, studying, discovering and travelling. It is like feeling “Oh man, we did it!” It is the completion of the journey. What have we learned, what was this whole magical experience all about? It is the compilation of experiences and learning that took place, and the observation of how much did we grow during this time, in all possible ways!

By the 2nd of December, we got to get ready, because Jupiter will enter in Capricorn! And things will get rigid! (Just joking! Well, half joking).


Wrapping it Up

So, as much as we saw a lot of opportunities for misunderstandings and reality crashes during the time Jupiter is in Sag, there is a lot of opportunities also to grow, expand and transform ourselves and our attitude towards life. To look always at the brighter side of every situation, to be respectful and accept the differences in our opinions, to develop a deeper understanding bout life’s meaning, and to dive into the mystical realm, to strengthen our spirituality and our universal connection to the supreme essence.

It is indeed a year full of excitement, passion and enjoyment. Full of experience.


Make the best out of it, to smile in front of every situation or adversity, and to learn how to create an optimistic view towards what life unfolds. To learn how to turn something which appears to be miserable into a full constructive and expansive experience. To enjoy, laugh, learn, teach and share. And to be open, flexible, compassionate to the other and respectful. Dreaming big is good, but becoming big in spirit is better.




Do you want more personalised guidance on Jupiter’s transit through your own horoscope? Contact me for an astrology consultation!

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