Great Opportunities for Personal Alchemy – New Moon in Scorpio

Deborah Stevenson - New Moon
Potent art by Deborah Stevenson


The New Moon in Scorpio is happening the 7th of November 2018, at 15° Scorpio 11at 5:02 PM CET (+1:00) or 11:02 AM EST (-5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.


Wow, the energy is dense and heavy right now. The aspects reflect it fully. I wrote an article about the upcoming year of Jupiter in Sagittarius year (which begins the 8th of November 2018, just one day after the New Moon in Scorpio) and it is full of good things.

But these last days of Jupiter in Scorpio are as if Jupiter wants to hold onto Scorpio and make the most out of it before entering in his home Sagittarius. Forcing us to transform some things in need for change.

The New Moon is dark and the air in these nights feels heavy. Nevertheless is one of the most important new moons of this year. It holds such a massive amount of transformative power. Really, it is very strong.

We have particularly important changes going on: Jupiter in Sagittarius, the nodal shift, Uranus back into Aries, and Mars about to enter in Pisces. So things are really happening. And happening for the good. We just cannot see it properly, the energy is dense and the night is dark! But let us navigate through the symbolism and see the great opportunities we have right now to make personal alchemy!

First, let us welcome the Full Moon.


it’s in the attitude

of horizontal fatigue

and hours without sleep

transformed into daydreams

i found the predator of my sins

devouring the conversations of my thoughts

my thirst for exploring life

i swim in the deepest parts of my soul

shivers down my spine crush

a yawn of sleep on my face

i try to imagine what i feel

in the dazzling line of my emotions

all i do is run and hide-

Ghislaine Vandevoorde


The Moon-Sun is in an upper square to Mars in Aquarius. This can be particularly tense in terms of linking our higher hopes with our current situation desires. There might be some conflict with finding the proper balance between the idea of a better future, and where our current desires or aversions are actually taking us. For example, we might want to make a change in our lives, something that feels more aligned to what our own truth is, but perhaps we resist the necessary actions that this change might require. There can be a lot of fear regarding to this, and this can build a lot of resistance and tension. We got to watch out for physical symptoms and see what these might be indicating.

The Moon-Sun is also in a trine with Neptune in Pisces which can signify an opening for our feelings to flow out. Scorpio is tight with its emotions, but this trine can make them prone to flow out. And we are totally in charge of how to channel that flow. We can simply let it flow through freely. We might also try to block it (therefore blocking ourselves even more), or we might wildly direct it towards somebody else (in the case of blaming for example). The best thing to do, is to allow those emotions to flow through freely, feeling them, and letting them take their course.

Uranus has retrograded back into Aries. He will be there for some time. Now Venus Rx in Libra is opposing him, which can also indicate fast or impulsive reactions to triggers from our social environment (people). This can also indicate a lot of sentimentalism and victimisation. Sometimes indeed, we might be hurt by other people. But the best way in this case is to express this feeling clearly and with full empathy towards the other person, without attempting to blame them or attack them. The best way is to try to understand their points of views, and of course, if they are not in alignment with ours, just let them go and let your emotion flow through.

On the more physical side, these days of intensity can also operate through physical and sexual appetite. Desire is also physical and in the intimacy of connection with another person, somehow we also change. We exchange. Don’t be surprised if in the middle of everything, still your desire to connect with another person both physically and emotionally is strong during these days. Sexual experience can be liberating. The mystery and magnetism behind Scorpio!

Mercury is now in Sagittarius and typically, Mercury is not so happy there. With this placement, we are forced to stop worrying on the now, to stop overthinking and to stop latching onto any idea that might just come. We are also taught patience. We want results now, we want to see what we visualise: right now! But hey, most of the times, good things take time.

These times are dense, energetically speaking. We like to think, and sometimes we think too much and we give too much “extra thought” to whatever is happening. Mercury in Sagittarius forces us to see the broad picture, not only to focus on what is happening now. It invites us to see farther than what our current eye can see, and to appreciate what we have instead of what we want.

Mercury is also in trine with Neptune in Pisces, which constructively can indicate areas of our lives in which we can use our intuition for the good, for example, through sensitive activities such as music, crafts, art, helping others, or simply letting go from mental constructs and let the mind just be in peace! Although this aspect can also indicate escapist “fast solutions” to our problems. The real thing is that it is a placement to train our mind to appreciate more, and to point with trust towards the future.

And this, dear readers, is the sole theme for these days. It is about focusing on appreciation and directing our vision towards the future with absolute trust and a genuine desire to learn through whatever life experience comes to us that this New Moon can help us make personal alchemy!

Knowing that after the dark night the light will come (Jupiter is moving towards Sag the next day after the dark night, people!). Knowing that even though the night is dense and obscure, there are still millions of stars shining, and they are there.

We can relate this to the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon’s degree, 15° Scorpio:


“Children playing around five mounds of sand”


To which Rudhyar adds: “Early steps in the development of a mind seeking to be attuned to the higher level of human evolution”. Now, these last words are important ones.

“A mind seeking to be attuned to the higher level of human evolution”

This is what this is all about. These transits, these days, the tensions, the apparent sense of a sort of a chaos, and the sensitivity of the mental-emotional body. But the mind seeks to be attuned with a higher order of evolution, a larger view, the absolute consciousness, and the natural process of growth in a higher level. Not in the physical-material level, but in the human level of experience!

It is a little bit difficult to put this into words, but it is about letting ourselves be. Allowing ourselves to connect with what it is just to be. When we learn to be, instead of letting ourselves be defined by our own mental constructs of what the hell is happening now, or instead of letting ourselves get absorbed by the overwhelming bunch of “problems” or “difficulties” that are happening; then we learn to simply drift in the absolute state of being.

Then we learn to live with it, to live with our present, to build our future with trust, to accept what life offers us, to work for more, to identify and accept when “there is no more”, to appreciate, to understand and accept others sense of “their own truth”, and to understand that we all reflect aspects of one whole reality.

They practical key of alchemy right now is to change the way we are looking at our present. Because these are sensitive days, and we suppress this sensitivity or distort it someway. The idea is to change this distorted way of looking at things, to learn to see through and find the light and beauty of every experience. If the experience is painful or hurtful, let it be, let it happen. But don’t try to attempt to load it with your own mental constructions or your ways to label and “terribly ornament” a situation. Don’t attempt to culprit others, don’t fall in the mental-emotional trap of victimisation. Instead, let it all go through exactly as it is, and keep faith that it will pass and the sun will shine the next day. Only then you can allow your light to shine and shine upon others as well.


This is a cycle to transform the way we look at things. It is a New Moon inviting us to bring back to life our real essence of being. Which is beautiful and absolute. It is everything.




Art: Deborah Stevenson



Are you feeling this? Do you want to understand this more deeply in your life? Contact me for an astrology consultation.



New Moon in Scorpio 2018




*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.

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