A Dose of Questions and Explorations – New Moon in Sagittarius

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Art: Fei Alexeli


The New Moon in Scorpio is happening the 7th of December 2018, at 15° Sagittarius 7at 8:21 AM CET (+1:00) or 2:21 AM EST (-5:00). Not your time zone? Click here.


With Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius, and all the wonderful predictions about this transit, we are probably wondering: When are these wonders going to begin? The thing is that right now everything can be a little bit tricky, and things are not necessarily what they seem to be. These can be confusing days, totally! And we question: “Where are the wonders predicted by astrologers about Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius? The clarity? The vision? The purpose?” Dear reader, things are never so fast, nor so simple. We’ve got to work the riddle so that we can have access to its wisdom. And this New Moon in Sagittarius can be a great point to start. After all, it is a new cycle defined by personal exploration, and ultimately, findings.

Let us welcome the New Moon.


I laid me down on my luxurious couch,

And courted sleep on pillows soft with down,

Yet the Enchanter heeded not my prayer,

But turned from my advances with a frown.

On shadowy wings he rose and took his flight,

And fled mysterious through the realms of night.

E.C. Money


Astrologically speaking, this is quite simple. There is just one main aspect which defines the current situation. The Sun-Moon-Jupiter are in a strong square with Mars-Neptune in Pisces.

Additionally, we can add that Venus is transiting through Scorpio, and Mercury, now direct, won’t re-enter in Sagittarius until the 13th of December 2018. So deep thoughts are going on, and with Venus now transiting through Scorpio, deep desires of a sensual or sexual nature can also manifest. A strange sense of magnetism and a very unusual desire to let go into the full unknown.

For some people passions can be a recurrent topic during these days. Obsessive online shopping can also occur. With Mars-Neptune in Pisces, reality avoidance or coping mechanisms can also come into play. Music can be outstandingly healing during this Moon cycle and its upcoming Full Moon in Cancer.

In an attempt to define the main idea behind the Sag-Pisces square activation, we can say that right now there is a real and heavy conflict between reality and expectation. Seriously! From this idea, we can jump into many arising issues, if we consider the variable and alterable nature of Sag and Pisces. A cyclone, absolutely! A cyclone of passions, views, desires and emotions. And having in mind that the one who is in Pisces is Mars, this can get wild and untamed!

There can be strong feelings of dissatisfaction with the current situation of reality, when compared with the expectations, when compared with strong memories, or with others. A very vulnerable sensitivity, and our conception of what is right and what is wrong can also bring issues in communication with others. One simple word can be a total (legit) reason for a serious discussion, disappointment, or the right button towards sadness (for days!).

Believe it or not, we can become so attached to our own ideas of how things should be, of how we want things to be, of what we believe, or to what our “vision” towards the future is when compared to the present. We have deep expectations, and many times, these go unnoticed by ourselves, while still dictating our moods, our feelings and behaviours!

With Neptune in the zone, dreams can become very vivid and bring many memories, visions and desires. It can be a good idea to analyse them and don’t let them escape immediately after waking up. They can offer us quite interesting insights to what is currently going on.

Regardless of this cyclone of passions and wild emotions, if you get to feel down, don’t take it too seriously. Sag and Pisces are mutable signs, and the activation of these two signs can also bring issues which are actually temporary. And what this means is that one bad day can be followed by a very good day.

These are changing days! And one of the best qualities of Sagittarius is that of good humor! Of fun, of laughing about life, and enjoying every experience, even the ones which appear to be difficult. Sometimes we have two options: cry about it or laugh about it. You can cry in order to release it, but to laugh about it can be so relieving!

Getting into the practicality of these days and this Lunation, we got to get in touch with our intuitive fire, for real. Mars-Neptune in Pisces can make this task difficult. Trying to look through the whirlwind of wild emotions (imagine them going in all directions!) can be tricky, and we might not get a clear picture of what we need, what we have to change or what we have to start cultivating. But this feeling of confusion can be a starting point towards fascinating discoveries about ourselves, who we are, what we need, and what we believe in.

What is your definition of happiness? What is your definition of life? What is your definition of purpose? At this moment, what is your ultimate idea about being given the chance of incarnating into a human living body? Full of consciousness and the capacity of discernment and decision making.

Think about these questions. Perhaps clear answers won’t come all at once. This requires some practice. But this is it. We got to set clear visions. Sometimes we just wonder through life without a clear idea of what the heck are we doing. Why do I do the things I do? Why have I made the decisions I made? Why do I do what I am doing right now? Why do I behave the way I am behaving with my colleague/boss/family/partner/friend? Why do I worry about the things I worry? What is the underlying engine behind all these things and actions of every day?

We are getting into deep stuff. But it is fascinating stuff. It can help us see though ourselves, and clarify that vision; awaken intuition, and the exciting sensation of knowing. The power of knowing. The power of seeing, not through the physical eye, but through the eye of this conscious living energy that we are. A click is then made and we get to understand.

And this power can help us get a solid idea of what is the future that we want to create and where do we want to go.

We can relate this to the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon’s degree, 15° Sagittarius:


“The ground hog looking for its shadow on ground-hog day, February 2”


To which Rudhyar adds: “The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects”.

The power of knowing is incredibly beneficial. When we operate in the unknowing, we cannot reap the benefits of what life gives to use, of the abundance and of the opportunities placed at our mercy. We cannot get in touch with the real present, and absolutely not in touch with the future prospects. We are unclear.

And yes, do not expect to get clarity immediately. Sometimes it takes work, effort and continual contemplation. Sometimes it requires the recognition of unwanted truths and the need for sacrifices. And it definitely requires the right attitude and the removal of masks.


It is therefore, significantly useful to become aware of our present, not through victimisation, but through contemplation; to define a main idea of what life is for us and what are we willing to do about it. To have a clear vision about our life’s meaning, so that we can see what our next steps can be. So that we can anticipate what the next challenge might be. So that we know our boundaries, but also our possibilities and opportunities.




Art: Fei Alexeli




Are you feeling this? Do you want to understand this more deeply in your life? Contact me for an astrology consultation.




New Moon in Sag 2018

*Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases.

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