Aries Spring Equinox 2019 & Full Moon in Libra – The Rising Creative Force

And the Sun has entered in Aries, with the spring equinox and the beginning of spring! 💐

In astrology, the Sun’s ingress into Aries represents the beginning of a new solar journey, or the beginning of a new “astrological calendar”. And it is no surprise. If you live in a region with natural seasonal changes, you can sense within you, the rising of the creative force, the vital energy and the beginning of a new creative journey: full of possibilities.

And today, 21/Mar/19, is the Super Full Moon in Libra (1 of 2, because on 19/Apr/19 there will be a second Full Moon in Libra!). We will be in full moon phase until 10/Apr/19.

In summary, this is the moment when the creative energy rises, and many things come into equilibrium.

During these days, with the soli-lunar relationship between Aries and Libra, you might want to ask yourself some questions.

What do I want to create now? Where am I going to invest my creative energy? Which areas of my life need more attention? Do I need to shift my focus? Is there something hindering my freedom to create or be?

You might also want to evaluate your relationships: in love, friendship, family and in the workplace. The full moon in Libra can illuminate some of these matters too.

How are my relationships doing? What can I learn from my relationships with people? What is bothering me from others and what does this say about my own self? How can I attain a state of harmony?

In a way, the surge of the life force can be so strong, to the point in which we feel so motivated, but we cannot fully grasp an understanding of this energy surge. And with Mercury retrograding in Pisces (until 28/Mar/19), we can find ourselves very motivated, but also very confused as to what to do next.

The momentum is now strong, but there is a call to patience. Patience is not an Aries quality, also not a Libra quality, but with Mars in Taurus, and Mercury retrograding, patience is still something we can benefit from.

As the creative force keeps burning stronger, take small steps, little by little, and with a plenty of observation.

The creative fire is already burning, the miracle spark has been ignited. You do not need to rush into bringing something into manifestation now. But you can start to build it, with small steps, one thing at a time, and giving yourself time to learn from the creative life process.

These are days for creative rearrangement in life.

Happy Aries Equinox, Happy Supermoon!

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