Attaining Harmony – Full Moon in Libra

We are having a second Full Moon in Libra on the 19th of April 2019!

Normally, there is one Full Moon in every sign throughout the year (twelve signs, twelve months). But sometimes, there might be a consecutive second Full Moon (or New Moon) in one sign, and this is happening now with the second Full Moon in 29° Libra.

In a symbolic way, we are seeing the same theme from the past Full Moon in Libra repeating itself. Perhaps we didn’t get the “full message” from the past Full Moon and we need to go through it again, so that a better understanding of these dynamics can be attained.

Now, even though the main topic of Libra (relationships) is reinforced again, with this Full Moon the astrological landscape changes and this brings a different way of interpreting the symbolism. Let’s dive into it.

Libra is the sign of relationships: love, friends, colleagues, partnerships, etc. Everything involving two or more persons (or “things”) is related to Libra. Everything having to do with seeing two or more points of view, understanding other people, understanding the needs of a group of people, the needs of a partnership, assessing what’s fair, arranging different elements or objects, aligning feelings, and creating harmony when it comes to two or more parts (either animate or inanimate) has to do with Libra. For example, politics is associated with Libra, design is associated with Libra, and partnerships are associated with Libra.

In Libra we find the polarity of Aries. As we know, we are in the last days of Aries season (finishing in the 20th of April). If Aries is associated with the “one”, the self, the individual will, then Libra is associated with the “two”, the partnership and the “relationship will”. The Full Moon itself is the phase of the Moon associated with Libra, because the Full Moon is an opposition between the Moon and the Sun: the need to harmonise two opposing forces. What forces are playing right now in our lives? How can we bring these forces into harmony?

But this Full Moon in happening in a conflicting T-square with Pluto in Capricorn. In addition, there is a square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, and a square between Mercury in Aries and Jupiter (now retrograde!) in Sagittarius. Which conflicting desires are challenging us? How can we balance these desires?

The Moon-Sun in aspect with Pluto in Capricorn puts even more pressure on our state of natural harmony, because it might show us things we did not want to see. Truths we didn’t want to hear, results we were not expecting, or a very hard, cold and crude face of reality we were trying to avoid.

Every Full Moon itself is a revelation. And we not always like that revelation. That is why we hear a lot of “crazy” things happening during a Full Moon. And of course, an opposition is tension, it is a strong pull, but an unavoidable one. And now, with this second Full Moon in Libra, we might really want to see those aspects of our current reality we have been trying to deny, mask, cover up or avoid.

Naturally with the Sun in Aries, we tend to have a strong focus on our individual “self”. We think about on what “my problem is”, on the ways “life is attacking me”, turn “the universe around myself”, and we literally might become very self-centered.

In extreme cases, this happens to the point in which we stop seeing reality as it is, we stop seeing the signs from our environment, the needs from the other, the workings from the universe, and any situation from a wider point of view.

With Mercury now in Aries, we can become very impatient and rigid with how we want things to be, very irrational, and totally blind. And with the square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, we will blame everyone or everything, while at the same time blaming ourselves from our very inside core. It is as mad as it sounds. As a result, there can be anger towards absolutely no idea who or what!

In a very simple way this is when we operate in disharmony or imbalance. Now, we can reevaluate this Full Moon, and instead of saying that the main theme of this Full Moon is relationships (Libra), we can say that the main theme of this Full Moon is the attainment of harmony (Libra, too).

In its very essence, Libra is the sign of the attainment of harmony and the balance between two (or more). And this does not only involve relationships, but also the way we relate with different aspects of our lives (for example our career, and our personal life; our love relationship, and our work; our family, and our goals as a person). Libra also reigns over more sublime things, such as the harmonization of conflicting feelings about something or someone (or about our own selves).

The concept of harmony is very wide, and it is absolutely related to Libra (and to the Aries-Libra polarity).

With this Full Moon, we might want to focus on what is out of balance in our lives, on being fair and being treated fairly, on widening our understanding of reality outside from our own imaginary shell, and on how can we operate in peace. What parts of our lives need some adjustment? With whom do we need to clarify things or talk about something? What truths didn’t we want to face during the last Moon cycle? How can we be more patient and tolerant?

The universe has its very special ways of working, and just as taking action is vital in this life, patience also is! There is not a better moment to learn this lesson than now that we are about to enter into Taurus season with the Sun’s ingress in Taurus. We are feeling it, we know some things need to be adjusted, worked upon and re-arranged. We are craving for harmony.

So let us take the decision and determination to operate in ease, with a proper understanding of reality and the universe’s workings, and without taking things directly personally. Let us take the determination to bring balance in our lives by actively engaging in all aspects of it and not just in one. Let us take the resolution to be more patient, to observe, to learn and to adjust; to appreciate reality as it is (with all its faces), and to be able to see more than the ugly face, and towards the beauty and pleasure of being alive. The tremendous power of relationships, love, friendship, work partnerships, colleagues and of having communication with people in general!

Re-arrangement and adjustment is important in our lives right now. And just as we are working on our personal balance and spiritual peace, this can also be a great time for re-adjusting things in the more material part: changing something in our home, re-decorating, placing spring flowers at home or work, beautifying our space, changing our beauty routine, engaging into a beauty ritual for self-care, engaging our friends or significant other too, cooking some special new meal, and trying to bring this harmony not just into the inner plane, but also to our physical/material life.

Key situations: a sense of imbalance, feeling tensed, lack of harmony (inner or outer), misunderstandings with other people, impatience, irrational thoughts, unacknowledged needs operating under the surface, difficulty in dealing with different parts of our lives, pressure from work, difficulties with the government/politics, strong desire for harmony and peace, urge to adjust our current position, aspiration towards fairness, special eye for creating beauty in our environment, self-care, wanting to love and feel loved, wanting to feel better, opportunities to learn from others and from life, opportunities to listen and help other people.

Acceptance Ritual for the Full Moon

This is a very basic symbolic act in which you give yourself to the Universe in acceptance for that which you cannot change. That which is beyond your hands. That which is held by the universe’s hands. 

You just need to sit outside for a while (it doesn’t matter if it is cloudy). If it is raining, you can sit next to a window with view to the sky. Just sit there and look at the Moon (if the Moon is not visible, just look at the sky). Stay there contemplating the view, feel yourself as you breath, and stay there until you feel calmed and relaxed. Feel the air around you. Feel the silence and the noise. Then look up there, and say: “I accept what the Universe is giving me, I am willing to receive its revelation and work upon it. I am in peace with my soul and with the world around me. Gratitude”. As simple as that. Do not elaborate anything, do not force anything. Just give yourself into the world and feel the peace running through your being. Stay there looking for a while, engaging your senses and connecting with the presence of the Universe.

Herbs: Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Spearmint, Chamomile, Rose petals

Essential Oils: Neroli, Bergamot, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang

Flowers: Magnolia, Rose

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