Redefining Our Present: How to Relate with the Here and Now with the New Moon in Taurus

Coming out of the previously charged Aries season, we jumped into the calm territory of Taurus. The energy shift was tremendously felt: a sudden feeling of peace no matter what.

Now, the Moon joins the Sun in 14° Taurus on the 5th /6th of May 2019, giving us a new lunar cycle with the New Moon in Taurus. Both form a trine aspect with the Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx in Capricorn. What this means is that we can make of this new lunar cycle a highly productive time, without the investment of unnecessary energy, without rushes, without fast flashes of impulsivity, and without anxiety about the quality of the present (either if we feel it “favourable” or “unfavourable”).

It just feels like a good time to do what we have to do, to logically and practically use our personal assets, and to move in peace with the flow of things and the Universe, without forcing things or resisting them.

Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde, represent a period of deep introspective lessons, lessons which can only be learned from within, but with the trigger from the outside. Situations and realities are presented to us and only we can decide how to react to these. Saturn and Pluto are planets associated with karma and the process of soul evolution. These two usually put us into challenging situations which then force us to open our eyes towards a greater lesson.

In this case, the possibility to learn from whatever is presented to us and to liberate the soul by stopping our own resistance to change and acceptance. We tend to create ideas of how we expect the future in a certain area of life, but then it just doesn’t happen that way. The Universe has its very special “techniques” to make things happen, and usually, those are not the ways we have idealized. And in our process of evolution (now with Saturn and Pluto retrograde for 4 and 5 months respectively), we are brought here to break those crystallized ideas or how things should be.

The relationship with the New Moon in Taurus is that this is a new beginning in which we are brought to change our relationship with reality and the physical world. This involves the way we value our own capabilities and resources, and the way we get in touch with our self-worth (Venus in Aries is also in a T-square with the lunar nodes in the Cancer-Capricorn axis). And one of the greatest ways to start this is by breaking free from self-imposed limitations, from the expectations we set to ourselves, from the expectations we set to our reality and from this so stubborn idea of how we think things should be! Simple: stop it! Put an end to it, and do it now! Start over, with new fresh energy, with a higher vibration, and with the possibility to accept, adapt, and advance!

And don’t be fooled. Even with a very calm and peaceful general vibration from this Taurus season, we still can get very stubborn with our own ideals and ways of thinking. Let us not forget that Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius, which can aggravate this: “things are how I believe they are”.

But then, we have Mars in Gemini sharply opposed to Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, which can point to more flexibility in our heads. Let’s try to keep our mind flexible enough to mold into situations, yet grounded on Earth: the physical reality, the here and now. We can come with good and practical solutions too!

Finally, the physical reality is not just work, society, finances, bills and the government. It has to do with a lot more: we are multi-dimensional beings living in a physical body. Through this physical body we can attain a connection with the other planes. Sensations (from the physical senses) can deeply connect with emotions, awakening feelings, memories, and other dimensional experiences. Taurus is related with the physical and earthy pleasures and our appetite towards these pleasures. Flavours, aromas, objects and sex are some of the most known. But going into natural landscapes, observing art, doing self-care rituals, and taking care of our bodies can also be very pleasurable. Think about Venus, who represents beauty and love, but also pleasure and desire. Venus is the ruler of Taurus.

Even though we are working on feeling more in peace with our daily life, being more productive with our time and capabilities, letting go of the unnecessary and learning to adapt our attitudes and expectations in the process of evolution, we must not forget that this is the most earthy and pleasurable season of the year. Do your work, but don’t forget to nurture and feel your physical body, your reactions to sensory stimulation. Enjoy good food, have a good drink, shop something nice, have good (and safe) sex, immerse into Mother Earth nature, put some flowers around, do a self-care ritual, enjoy your solitude, enjoy the silence, feel every breath, and take good care of yourself.

Happy New Moon!

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