Warren B. Davis – “Women Dancing in a Circle”

The Sun and Moon are conjoining at 5° Libra on the 28th of September 2019 at 8:27 PM (CEST) or at 1:27 PM EST (check your time zone here).

This lunation is a beautiful time to learn and teach, to investigate, to read, to study, to share our knowledge and to discover more about life. So make sure you are diving into something during this moon cycle, whatever it will be your choice. Studying, learning and teaching is one beautiful Libran quality, as well as that of proper communication and understanding. That’s where we want to go!

It is that special moon cycle associated with the autumn equinox, where nature comes into balance, light and darkness, and when we prepare to dive into the “underworld” of the dark and cold months ahead. If you pay close attention, there is beauty everywhere in nature, and during these days it is more accentuated.

But as the Moon moves, she will be in a t-square with the nodes on the next day, and so will do the Sun a week later after the New Moon.

Mercury and Venus in Libra are in square with Pluto and Saturn (now direct) in Capricorn, which points to possible misunderstandings when dealing with other people and confusions regarding to decision making.

I decided to make this article about relationships, which is a strong theme during these days, and many people can benefit from it. Each of us is living in a maze where we come into contact with people and situations that can challenge our harmony. But we can learn so much.

In most New Moon in Libra articles you are likely to read about the beauty, flowers, and harmony in relationships. And indeed, all that is true about the nature of Libra, especially the Libra New Moon. We will get into that later, but let’s first dive into the reality of the current planetary dynamics, so that we can set a firm understanding about what’s happening and what might out-shadow the potential for making a beautiful moon cycle.  

The Libra-Capricorn Square

Mars, in the last degrees of Virgo is in a separating trine with Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars will be entering in Libra (his detrimental sign) on Friday 4th of October. So before that, we are still feeling this “call” for being productive, useful, do things and fix things. But it is getting a little bit tenser as we put more and more pressure upon ourselves to meet certain ideals.

And the truth is that this final Mars-in-Virgo-trine-Pluto-in-Capricorn productivity drive might find itself succumbed by the current energy of the New Moon through which we are entering in a whole new cycle having to do with learning how deal with other people in true understanding. And in the practice, it actually means coping with other people’s own worlds. Because views, values, and the importance we give to things, our behaviours and habits are so different. And at work, partner relationships, family and friendships, we get to experience this clash now very strongly.

This is the natural square between Libra and Capricorn.  Through the upcoming days this square is on point! Starting with the New Moon, we are having the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury (this one not for too long) all in Libra. While on the other 90° side, we are having the big lords Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

In Libra, the ideal is to live in peace and harmony. We come from a mental and emotional state of personal balance and comfort, where we feel comfortable with how we are, act and think. Where we feel comfortable with our ideals and values. And we expect this balance to remain as we begin relating with others, something that is so important in this sign. We (unconsciously) expect others to feel, think and act the same. But the reality is far from that.

And then it comes Capricorn, with a firm mindset about the structure of how things should operate. In Capricorn, the concept of responsibility plays a major role on how we perceive reality in terms of other people. Capricorn has a deeply rooted idea of what being responsible means, and expects to experience this responsibility from others, this dedication. And it can get extremely judgmental, delegating tasks, always expecting the achievement of its own “plan of the order of things”. But again, when dealing with others, the reality is far from this “successful achievement”.

Then it comes a serious clash of views and opinions, with possible emotional hurtful consequences. Even physical, if the stress gets to manifest through sickness too. And with this explosion of misunderstood views of reality, lack of comprehension and proper communication of each other’s thoughts, feelings and needs, the last thing to be experienced is guilt (something very innate to Capricorn).

So these last three paragraphs have been a rough explanation between the dynamics of the square between Libra and Capricorn. This square is active at the moment, so we got to be aware about it in order to stop, think and act having on mind that we all live in a different mental world. We all have a different brain and a different heart!

Simultaneously, we also have Jupiter in Sagittarius in square with Neptune in Pisces, which can also signify a conflict between views, especially regarding to spiritual and philosophical views of life. Jupiter in Sag is very passionate about its own beliefs, while Neptune in Pisces has more of a dissolving nature. One wants it his/her way, while the other might not show so much concern.

How can we make the best of this Cycle?

Your relationship with yourself

We first have to understand from where we are coming, why are we as we are, why are things important for us, why do we want what we want and why do we behave in certain ways. It is important to have a clear view of what our basic needs are and what makes us feel good, and what hurts us. Simultaneously, we need to be aware of our own “negative” dynamics. When are we being selfish, materialistic, judgmental, critical and unfair? Being honest about these things is one of the best things we can do in order to have a prober yin-yang balance, or receptivity-assertivity balance. Before being able to understand others properly, we first have to have a clear and objective understanding of our own dynamics.

Special Tip! Pre-pamper yourself with one of these simple rituals.

Option A: Warming Tea The day of the New Moon, make a calming and soothing tea. A good option is a mix of chamomile, melisse, and a dash of cinnamon. Let it steep covered and next to a rose quartz for ten minutes. Then add a few rose petals or buds. Let it steep for five more minutes. Uncover the tea and drink it. Hold the crystal in your hand as needed. Try to activate your senses: smell, sight, taste, feel and the sound of where you are. As you drink, set an intention for attaining clarity, understanding, flexibility of thought and forgiveness.  

Option B: Sensorial Bath. If you have a bath, plan taking a bath the day of the New Moon. Grab some magnesium flakes mixed with Himalayan salt in equal parts (make 1 cup of the full mixture). On a different small bowl, mix about a teaspoon of a carrier oil (almond, jojoba) and add 4 drops of lavender, 3 drops of chamomile and 2 drops of cedarwood. Blend it well and add it to the salts. Add some rose petals and to the mixture and mix it very thoroughly, making sure that the salts are soaked with the oils. That will be your salts mixture. Prepare a hot-warm water bath. Add the mixture to the water and let it dissolve (I personally like to add my salts mixture to a bowl of hot water, dissolve it first there, and then add it to my bath tub water). In the end, you will be left with the rose petals. Place and lit a white or a rose candle nearby the tub, together with a rose quartz and an amethyst. Turn off the other lights. Try to activate your senses: taste (a glass of wine, a tea, water, or whatever you might want to drink), the sight of your created scenario, the smell of the oils and the roses, the sensation and sound of the water around you. As you feel embraced by the elements, set an intention to attain clarity, understanding, flexibility of thought and forgiveness. Add whatever intentions you wish for this moon cycle.

If you don’t have all my suggested ingredients, work with what you have!

Your relationship with others

We have all been brought to adulthood from different homes, sets of values, habits, and experiences which have formed our concept of how things should be.  And when dealing with conflicting views, there’s got to be a middle point. A point where we both can feel comfortable. This is balance. This the proper state of Libra. This point can be achieved in all or our social contacts: at home, love, work, family and friendships.

How can we achieve this point? By listening (and not just plain listening, but listening and digesting what the other is saying, without being critical), by stopping before reacting in a defensive or overly critical way, by stopping before letting ourselves be drawn by rage or the feeling of being attacked, misunderstood or criticized.

It is important to know this: we are not guilty for what others feel about us, and others are not guilty for what they are, or for what they are not. There’s no one guilty in these social contacts. There’s just the capacity to understand the other. The capacity to help or teach the other without attacking them. The capacity of explaining why what we value is important to us. Why the other has hurt us.

The truth is that we are all vulnerable and that is okay. When we come to this deep realization of the fact that the other person is just living their life according to what they value, and that that value doesn’t need to be the same as what we value, and it is perfectly fine, we get to the point of compassionate acceptance. And that can be a beautiful feeling to experience, because you are genuinely feeling the other person!

The key is the proper use of communication, with emphasis in being helpful and constructive, while avoiding being judgmental, critical or attacking.

Naturally, there is a point in which the use of proper communication has not proven to be successful, where the potential for both parts to feel comfortable is not there anymore, where things have been tried to be worked through cooperation and mutual understanding, but they just don’t click anymore. And this is when the balance gets compromised, when one gets to feel comfortable at the expense of the other’s sacrifice or emotional wellbeing. At this point, things should be carefully evaluated towards one of the two ultimate decisions: change it or leave it (the next cycle: Scorpio!).

There are some relationships which just don’t work. What happens when we have these social contacts, but we simply cannot avoid them either because it is work related, or family related. Perhaps the safest option is just minimizing the contact with these persons and reducing it only to what’s necessary. Keeping a safe “emotional barrier” around us, by hearing in and letting out any type of negative, critical or useless comment coming from these people. But speaking for ourselves whenever it becomes necessary. Respect is one of the best Libran qualities! Let’s proudly use it.

Special Tip! We can also try to arrange our space with a warming and welcoming vibe. Adding Libran elements to our home, sacred spaces, and even to our office or desk. Place flowers around, natural flowery scents or the typical autumn smell of cinnamon and apples. If possible, add some crystals to enhance the energy around: rose quartz, amethyst, blue calcite or blue lace agate are good options.

Good luck!

If you want to have a proper, personal and interactive natal chart reading, please contact me to book one!

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