Emotions, Needs and Desires – Full Moon in Aries

Harvest Moon by Samuel Palmer

The Full Moon in Aries is coming! And surprisingly in these rainy and cloudy days when nothing is visible, the sky clears up to reveal this majestic moon every year as far as I have been observing full moons. Let’s see how it goes this year!

It is happening on the 13th of October 2020 at 11:08 PM (CEST), or at 4:08 PM (EST). Find your time zone here. The degree of the Full Moon falls on 20° Aries 14’.

The Full Moon in Aries is an opposition between the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. Aries and Libra are opposites, respectively, the “I am”, and the “we are”.

Incidentally, this Full Moon happens to involve Mars in Libra also in a sign opposition to the Moon in Aries. Interesting is that Mars is the ruler of Aries, and while he is in his opposite sign Libra, he is not in his maximum faculties. He is forced ton “act” accordingly to the Libra sphere. A “Libran” or “Venusian” Mars is more diplomatic, more concerned with understanding and listening others, and coming to equal solutions based on what is fair. Focuses more on the pleasure and joy of things. Not the typical impulsive “god of war” Mars.

But also, when the Moon is in Aries, she’s out of her comfort zone, in the exciting terrain of the Aries sign, and sometimes there are no boundaries. The Moon is all about feelings, emotions and our reactions to stimuli. She’s caring and receptive. But when she’s in Aries we can expect a “letting-go” of all of this and succumbing into our desires, wishes, needs and wild emotions. A free manifestation of who we are, what we feel or want, without boundaries.


There is pressure upon our shoulders. The Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra are in a tight t-square with Pluto in Capricorn and also with Saturn in Capricorn. So we can expect a lot of “built-up” feelings, unmet needs, accumulated stress, repressed emotions and silenced problems with others to come out. Expectations versus reality.

Some people might expect a lot from others, especially when it comes to work and love relationships. Some people have a lot of responsibility in their shoulders, which they have been silently holding and holding until a point when they cannot anymore and they just burst. Or even worse, some might not even burst nor release these feelings but instead, keep holding them inside while manifesting a rough attitude around.

During these days we can expect to experience new, unknown, deep feelings and thoughts (bonus: Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio). With the Sun-Mars opposition to the Moon there can also be uncontrolled emotions bursting out. There can be a disconnection as well, of our emotions from our thoughts. We might not be fully aware of why we feel in certain ways or why we say certain things.

This happens because the opposing forces from Libra (thought) and Aries (instinct) might not be into balance. And as the Moon, who represents these emotions, is in the Aries landscape, these emotions can get very personal and come out purely raw through either sudden verbal fights, emotional tantrums, or a sense of victimisation (everyone is against me). Of course the solution is to not lose the perspective of the other person: what is the other person feeling too, and why is this other person triggering things on me? How can we talk and solve this arising issue in fairways? Or what can I do to not let myself become so affected or overwhelmed?

An additional note on relationships is that the Full Moon in Aries can trigger deep physical desires and needs. Some people might feel drawn towards other people in an intimate level. Physical attraction is powerful right now.


On the personal side, the Full Moon in Aries can be such a great time to explore our inner layers, our inner power, those things we want to do but we fear doing. During these days there is an energetic opening allowing us to go for those adventures, those places we wanted to visit, that sport we wanted to try, that recipe we wanted to make, those activities we keep postponing, and to just be ourselves to the most! Without fear of judgement or fear of failing.


Finally, we can also add that these 2-3 days when the Moon is full in Aries are also quite productive for engaging into spiritual practices of self-discovery and self-exploration. Meditation that focuses on that primal state of universal connection to the whole spectrum of life and beyond. The time is proper for establishing a physical-spiritual connection. Engaging the senses in a deeper level. These experiences can be quite powerful, and as the Moon rules also our psychic abilities, when she’s in Aries we can expect to perceive more of that primal state, connection and feeling. And simultaneously, we can discover more exciting layers within ourselves. Time to explore!

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