Maria Raquel


Astrology practitioner, based in Belgium.

I studied Evolutionary Astrology with Mark Jones in the Pluto School. I have deep knowledge of the astrological symbolism applied to each unique situation, as well as a strong counselling application. I have also taken courses on relationships astrology and astrology for kids.

My first real contact with astrology was through A Manual of Astrology (1837) by Raphael. A book that I found by accident, and that magically held the key opening the door towards the wonderful language of Astrology.  Every night I read it, I felt a cosmic sensation.

I perform consultations with people to assess them on how to understand and integrate their lives in order to unfold and live their potential. I use the tropical zodiac, and the Porphyry house system.

One of my biggest passions is writing. In the blog you can find about the general dynamic energies going on in the present world and how these might be manifested in our lives.

Iovi Astrologia name comes from the archaic Latin word for the planet Jupiter. Iovi or Jupiter, is the planet associated with larger visions of life, truth, meaning and knowledge.

In my practise of astrology, the main objective is to bring the clients to gain self-knowledge and make them experience their lives through a meaningful new vision of their reality and their potential.

The art images you see in my posts come from talented persons who have given their permission to use their work. Each piece of art has been specially selected to represent the essence of its post.


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