Astrology for You

An astrology consultation can help you know more about yourself, understand unresolved questions about your existence, comprehend the mystery behind challenges you might be facing, produce healing, and help you know how to grow and use your potential.


Natal Chart Reading. The objective of this session is to understand the nature, evolution and potential of the individual. I use the Natal Chart, transits and progressions. It is intended to promote growth within the individual and a new attitude towards his or her life. Price: €70*. Length: 1.5 hour.  Book Now.


Relationships Reading. The objective is to understand the strengths of a relationship between two adult persons, to identify the challenging areas that require more work, and to comprehend the flow of energies that interact in the synergy.  I use the Synastry and Composite ChartPrice: €90. Length: 2 hours. Book Now.


The consultation revolves around the Natal Chart*, which is a precise calculation of the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and other points of energy in space and time of the birth (or event). This is translated into deep symbolism reflecting the essence of the person, or event.



Birth date, birth place and a verified exact birth time is required to make the astrology chart.

My work is not predictive nor divinatory. It is based on the dynamic energies of the person and understanding his or her reality.

A consultation takes the form of an interactive counselling session.

All consultations are private and the information is kept confidential. Code of ethics will be provided once the consultation is agreed.

The service is available worldwide through online video-conference readings. Payment is done via PayPal.


*For former clients, the continuation reading price is €40. Length:1 hour.



* In my work, I use the tropical zodiac and Whole-Sign house system calculations.