Connecting with the Aquarius Eclipse and Gaining Awareness of the Moment

27th and 28th of July 2018: Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse


We often underestimate the impact of an eclipse. Even people who are on their spiritual journey, or people who work with astrology or healing disciplines. Sometimes we become so immersed in our work, in our lives and duties. And it is perfectly understandable. However, if you wish to dedicate some special time and energy to connect with the energy of this eclipse, below you can find some useful tips.




“Consider your essence as light rays rising from centre to centre up the vertebrae, and so rises ‘livingness’ in you”. ~ Shiva.


You can do a meditation as you are used to, or follow this guided meditation from Davidji. I have personally found it quite useful to become aware of our own abundance. But make sure to stop it once it is finished!

Enlightening Meditation

You can also follow the following meditation, taken from the handbook of the Himalaya Yoga Retreat . I have personally found it quite good enlightening. It uses the Palming technique.

“Enlightenment is being in the present moment, mindful of all thought, speech and action.”

This technique accumulates and concentrates the life-force energy into the hands, which can then be placed over the eyes and over the whole body. It distributes healing energy to the eyes, enlightening the mind and revitalises the whole body. It develops the virtue of enlightenment. The healing energy is the object of concentration.

Choose a well ventilated room, where it is calm and quiet. The air in the room should be fresh so that you may freely breathe oxygen. If outside, choose pleasant surroundings like flowers and trees. Minimum two hours after eating.

Sit quietly and comfortably with the eyes closed and the spine and head straight, but not tense. You can sit on top of a cushion with your legs crossed.

Make a silent prayer according to your own religion or personal belief. This will be your affirmation.

Rub the palms of the hands together vigorously until they become hot.  Place the palms over the eyes without any undue pressure. As you repeat the affirmation, feel the warmth and healing energy being transmitted from the hands to the eyes. Hold for a few moments.  Then repeat three times.

On the third time as you repeat the affirmation, feel the healing energy being transmitted from your hands to your eyes and then to your head. Feel the body becoming healthy and strong. Feel the healing energy being transmitted to the mind.  Feel the mind becoming enlightened. Feel the healing energy being transmitted to the soul.  Feel the divinity awakening in the soul. Feel your whole being connected with the universe. Feel at one with the universe, Feel love all around, inside and out. Feel inner peace and happiness.

Then open your eyes and slowly lower the hands down the face, letting the light in slowly. Rub your hands over your whole body. Feel the healing energy circulating around the whole body, healing all sickness and pain. Feel stronger, healthier, happy and content. Observe this feeling for a few moments.

Finish the meditation by joining your hands over the heart in prayer. Gently bow your head and say: “Peace above me, peace below me, and peace all around me.”

At the end of meditation it is recommended that you lie down and simply observe the beauty and joy of the present moment. This is the feeling of inner peace and happiness. While meditating we are practising being in balance and harmony, so that we have a good idea of where we are heading and what it is meant to feel like. The goal is to train the mind to maintain this awareness in every moment, so that throughout the ups and downs of daily life, we spontaneously create peace and harmony.


Crystals and Gems to Have Around

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Muscovite: correlated with Leo and Aquarius. It is good for emotional expression, listening to our own intuition and have access to our higher self. Helps with insecurity and boosts confidence.

Turquoise:  for mental and spiritual clarity. Helps you see your own path and clears negativity.

Tourmaline: against mental blocks.

Rose Quartz: for self-love and self-appreciation.

Amber: correlated with Leo and Aquarius. Enhances memory, trust and wisdom.



Essential Oils for Diffusing

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Awakening Bath

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Put all the ingredients in a cheesecloth or rag. Close it tight. Then pour hot water in the bath tub, put the cheesecloth with the herbs, and let it there to brew, until the aromas are released.

If not using hot water, then first brew the herbs inside the cheesecloth in 2 cups of hot water inside a covered jug. Let it brew for thirteen minutes, and then squeeze the cheesecloth as much as possible. Be careful of not burning. Fill the bath tub with water, and then pour the brew inside.

If desired, you can add Epson salts to your bath and also the crystal or crystals of your choose. Once you are ready, let yourself surrender in the aromatic water for as long as you need to.

Adding Moon Water to your Bath

You can also add Moon water to your bath. To do so, the night of the 26th of July, put water in an open ceramic pot or a closed glass container and let it soak outside in the Moon’s light. You can place a clear quartz next to it, or the crystals you will be using the day of the eclipse. The next morning, before the Sun rises, take the container and put it back inside. Then keep it closed it until it is ready to use.