Ritual for Clarity and Confidence


What you need

  • A green candle
  • A blue candle
  • A violet candle
  • Pen and paper
  • Optional: a gem (for enhancement)
  • Optional: essential oil or essential oil blend from the list below (for stimulation)


This is a quite simple ritual that anyone can perform to set their intentions higher with much more awareness of the dynamic of this time.

Please allow yourself to sit in a quiet, private and comfortable space, and write down what do you expect from yourself in this year. If you desire to, you can also write down your worries, moods, and longings. In the end of the paper, write the following phrase and underline it:


I am a vector of creative light.

I will shine and my light will reach far, eliminating all obstacles on the way.

I will do this, because I can.


Fold this paper in four, and keep it safe.

During the twilight (period between the dawn and sunrise, or between the sunset and dusk), sit in comfortably in a place where you have visibility to the outside (for example, in front of a window, in a balcony or in a terrace). You can add a mat, or cushions or anything you want for creating a sacred spot. You can also incorporate any of the optional elements mentioned in the list above.

Take the paper in which you previously wrote your thoughts with you.

Light the candles in front of you, placing the green to the left side, and the blue to the right side and the violet in the middle. Contemplate them for a moment in profound silence.

Then take the paper, unfold it, and read it out loud.

Read the underlined phase three times.

After the last time, put the paper aside, and look at the candles for a moment while breathing peacefully and consciously.

Look outside.

Then close your eyes and visualise the light emanating from within you. Stay there for as much as you want.





Plants, Herbs and Essential Oils




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