Summer Eclipse Season 2018

The summer eclipse season is here, and below, a few remarks about each eclipse. Every eclipse happens together with a New Moon (solar eclipse) or with a Full Moon (lunar eclipse).

Stay up to date with my Lunar Insight articles for the New Moon in Cancer, Full Moon in Aquarius and New Moon in Leo. Each of these articles will dive deeper into its eclipse experience (normally with a side ritual or meditation to help you align your intentions).

13th of July 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

With this New Moon in Cancer we can formally say that the eclipse season is active. The Moon and the Sun will be conjoined in the sign of Cancer, while the North Node of the Moon is in Leo, giving birth to a partial solar eclipse in Cancer. This eclipse is not visible in most of the world. But anyhow, we are left with a first footprint with the quality of this sign.

So, while the eclipse is partial, not visible, solar and in a cardinal sign; what it reflects is an imprint. The beginning of something greater. Pay attention to all the situations you get involved with, the quality of your feelings, your well-being, what worries you and how you would have wanted things to be. Contemplate your surroundings, what is good, what perhaps is not. Are you being grateful? How can you make a positive change?

27th of July 2018 – Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

The next eclipse will be a total, visible, lunar and in a fixed sign. It is said it will be the longest eclipse of the 21st Century! It happens on the 27th – 28th of July 2018 in Aquarius, and is visible in many countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This eclipse will be the main focus and the central force of the changes that are about to come.Its footprint is deep and its manifestation will last, perhaps with changes starting to manifest even five months after this eclipse, and its repercussions can last for some years.

Again here, observe your surroundings, what is happening to you, to your beloved ones, what feels wrong, what feels good. Are you feeling shame or guilt? Why? Are you becoming too self-centred? After all, not everything is around you, and not everything is against you. Are you being compassionate? Giving? Kind? Contemplate yourself, and every thought of light that comes in, every feeling of trust and confidence in your capability. Keep it and hold it tight.

11th of August 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

This eclipse season closes with this partial solar eclipse in Leo. It is partial, solar, visible in some parts, but in a fixed sign. It will be visible in North/East Europe, North/West Asia, North in North America, Atlantic, and Arctic. Its symbolism will provide us with the last insights we need to understand for our journey through this last half of the year.

We all have power, we all have uniqueness. That is why we are the same but different at the same time. That is why in the world there is variety. We are whole in our hearts. Sometimes things get difficult, but we cannot let difficulty take over a situation that is ours. We must take control of that situation. We must take control of our lives. And when there is a solution that feels good and resonates in harmony, take it. It doesn’t matter what others have to say about it. It is your life. You live it, and you decide what to do with it. That is the last teaching during this eclipse season.

Compare your situation with how you felt in the Aquarius Eclipse (end of July), and with how you felt during the Cancer eclipse (mid July). Then keep those reflections with you, and when November-December 2018 arrives, be ready. Around those dates might happen the climax of this process of self-renewal. The nodes will have shifted (North in Cancer, South in Capricorn) and Jupiter will be fresh in Sagittarius.

Last Note

The eclipses manifestation is strongly associated with the place where they are visible. However, we can work their symbolism regardless of where they will be visible, as a process of personal growth.

The North Node is retrograding and retrograding in Leo, until it finally enters in Cancer on the 6th of November 2018.

This can be an important date point for us, where changes have just started to manifest, or their manifestation has come to culmination. In addition, Jupiter will have just entered into Sagittarius, which really indicates a shift in our lives.